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2018 Nuc Hives *March-April sold out
*May & June nucs available

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About Us

IN 2018

We are currently taking orders for our 5 Frame Nuc hives, with a mated, un-clipped Italian Queen. Each Nuc has a queen that has been laying in her own hive, all her workers have been actively working along side the queen to build their hive prior to customer pickup. With a Nuc Hive you are ahead of the game when it comes time for Spring hive build up, compared to a 3lb package of just bees and caged queen. A Nuc hive will have worker bees in all stages from egg, larva, pupa and adult worker bees and their queen. Local South Carolina pickup only, no shipping offered. Currently we have sold out of March-April dates, but we are happy to say we will have additional nucs for May & June. We did not raise our price on Nuc Sales in 2018 so you will be happy to hear they are still just $165ea. March was on the warmer side, we are lucky enough to have additional Nucs but will be limited till sold out. So feel free to give us a call and place your order ASAP. We personally want to thank every wonderful sole who has been part our journey and for the future endeavors of Bee Healthy Gardens. With out your continued support we would not have made it this far, 2018 Here we come!


Is very dear to our hearts, in 2001 we received a package of bees and a 10 frame hive body kit from our Canadian friends, Glenn and Clair. They felt we would enjoy the challenge and I can admit, I was scared! Yet, we worked through our nerves to realize that the honeybee is not much different, then a scared dog. If you move slow and use your skills of nature and knowledge, you will be able to work with these tiny creatures and learn to appreciate what they do for you. As the summer and season’s passed we grew to appreciate every sound, movement and even the many different smells that a beehive can have. I personally truly felt as if i could appreciate the honeybee, as I would a beautiful blossoming delicate flower needing to be seen. Word of mouth is spreading about Bee Healthy Gardens and we are thankful that we can share the joy of beekeeping with everyone we meet.