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2018 Nuc Hives *March-April sold out
*May & June nucs available

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                                   Humane Bee Removal

Our goal is to always promote the importance of Humane Bee Removal and educate each person who may want to learn more about bees and their importance.  We Thank you for calling on us to Humanly Remove the bees!

                                 RESCUE & REMOVAL

We also provide a wide range of local "Bee Rescue's" from the porch pillars, to a large apartment complex bee rescue. Once this side of the business expanded we new that we would be able to help in your need for wasp removal and education of the pesky critters who are making havoc in your yard.


We are striving to grow into an efficient Apiary of nucleus hives, with the goal to help support  the "New Bee" all New Beekeepers locally through out South Carolina.


        Speciality Honey and Crafts